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Good Messaging

“Five Dollar Foot-long” “Just Do It” “Where’s the Beef?” “It’s Huuuuuge!” “Nine-Nine-Nine” Good Messaging A key component of my agency’s strategic planning exercise (which we execute for every client campaign) is coming up with a key message that clearly and … Continue reading

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Market Segmentation for the SMB

Market Segmentation-Defined I recently met with a client who has built a successful business selling mobile phones, accessories and services to consumers via a retail, ‘brick and mortar’ storefront. It’s the perfect example of a B2C business, or Business-to-Consumer. As … Continue reading

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(Mobile Marketer) New developer community to soon embrace mobile marketing

as featured in Mobile Marketer magazine on 11.8.11 By Angelo Biasi As the mobile marketplace continues to experience staggering growth, there is a changing sentiment among content marketers that a do-it-yourself cross-platform application offering is a more viable option for … Continue reading

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Optimizing Facebook

Facebook as a Business Marketing Tool There’s no mistaking the benefits of Facebook as a powerful marketing tool for your business. First of all, it doesn’t cost anything to set up and maintain. Customer acquisition and retention can be closely … Continue reading

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