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Time Management & Organizational Skills

Slow Leak Based on a true story… Monday, 1:00 PM: I notice a leak in my upstairs toilet around the water valve. I proceed to place towels on said, leak, and notice some paint deterioration, possible surface mold (yes, the … Continue reading

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Increasing Perceived Value (of your product or service)

The Egg McMuffin of… We’re all familiar with those wonderfully tasty little morning sandwiches from none other than low cost restaurant leader and fast-food chain, McDonalds. Egg McMuffins are conveniently available via drive-thru or walk-up, filling for even the heartiest … Continue reading

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(Mobile Marketer) 5 Ways to Make Mobile Mktg Work for You

(from Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily Magazines 01/12/12) The potential and opportunity of mobile marketing is astounding to professional and DIY marketers of all levels. Mobile is along just enough in its life cycle where it can aid in gaining … Continue reading

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(Mobile Marketer) Why a UGC Model will Grow Next Year

As featured in Mobile Marketer magazine and Mobile Commerce Daily on 12.29.11 By Angelo Biasi The teen, grandparent, spouse or neighbor living right beside you could very well be the developer of your next favorite application. Sound crazy? It … Continue reading

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