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Value Referrals & Product/Service Evangelism

I Can See Clearly Now… A friend of mine is a well-known local optometrist. Upon completing my last eye exam with a diagnosis of “You need new glasses,” he recommended Zenni Optical ( for the purchase of my new pair. … Continue reading

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What Business Are You REALLY In?

What You Don’t Make I’ve seen some really great television ads recently that have connected with me emotionally and tugged abruptly at my marketing response strings. That is saying a lot considering the average commercial is typically only between 15 … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a (Good) Brand

Branding, Redefined Your brand means everything to you and is how you’re recognized by customers. We have even known a client or two to tattoo theirs on certain body parts. Therefore, we take developing your brand very seriously. We think … Continue reading

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