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Online Referral Services-Angie’s List, Service Magic & Yelp

Referral Services – Are they Necessary and for You? So your customers need your services yet they don’t know about you (yet). How do they find out? They might start by asking trusted friends, neighbors and family in the area, … Continue reading

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Cellphone Etiquette for the Business Professional

Connected… Where the benefits and capabilities of cellphones continue to increase, business professionals’ dependence on them has never been greater. Extreme accessibility—among customers, employees and other key stakeholders—allowed by these little pocket-sized devices, has given birth to the virtual office … Continue reading

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You’ve Got the Next Greatest Idea for a Mobile App… Now What?

Party Boo-Yah Several years ago, while spending far too much Margarita-infused free time on my boat, I had the seemingly brilliant idea to create a new product called the “Party Buoy.” The Party Buoy would address the need for easily … Continue reading

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Why Your Business Should Be Interested in Pinterest?

Pinterest—What is it? Pinterest ( is a widely popular new social media site. Simply put, it’s a virtual pin-up board of images, videos and other content used to share and generate common interests among friends and fans. Users upload, sort, … Continue reading

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Get More Sales with a Great Headline

The Unfair Advantage of a Great Headline I was leafing through a Volvo XC90 (we own one of these amazing cars and are considering buying another some day) brochure recently when I came across a page with the headline “Proud … Continue reading

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