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Selling Yourself

Your Most Valuable Asset As a business owner, entrepreneur and/or professional your most valuable asset is not your good will, your customers or your employees – it’s you. You are unique. You’re special. There is no one else like you. … Continue reading

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The Value Chain

A Back Seat I recently took up bicycling as a hobby. Like most hobbies, along with the excitement of the actual activity itself, comes the specialized gear and equipment that accompanies it. I was lucky to start off without the … Continue reading

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Your Professional Communication and Presentation Skills & How They Impact Business

Presenting You Successful people attribute most, if not all, of their success to the relationships they have managed to secure and keep—just as much as the products/services they represent, and/or their technical and business know-how. In other words, your business … Continue reading

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Key Differentiator(s)–What’s Yours?

“Do” Diligence I had the opportunity to support an investor group’s due diligence team, recently. Considered a pseudo thought-leader in the marketing space, I was brought on to provide a ‘professional outsider’s assessment’ on a business opportunity they were considering … Continue reading

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