Enthusiasm = Sales Success. Period.

“Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your objective.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Energy & Enthusiasm”

I took a Sales Management class in college many years ago studying under Dr. Philip Tyler, who later become a mentor of mine. Dr. Tyler was a most memorable character; always sharply dressed, clean-shaven and professionally mannered. He was a well-decorated sales/marketing veteran working for leading brands like Kraft and owning his own successful consulting firm. Tyler knew his subject matter well and how that translated to maleable young college b-school minds like mine. As a matter of fact, the final project for the class which included interviewing a national sales manager of a company that each student could see themselves working for someday, led to my internship/co-op with that company, first job out of college, and subsequently, my lifelong career in sales and marketing—what I love to do right to this day (many thanks go out to Dr. Tyler!). Even though the Sales Management class was rigorous, I was addicted to every word Dr. Tyler uttered. You see, his smile, confidence and enthusiasm were downright infectious. He never seemed to be in a bad mood, remaining courteously attentive yet kindly persuasive; qualities I have rarely encountered in my twenty years since. There were two things that he hammered into our formidable brains that semester which I will never forget:

The first was “If you’re in a job interview for a sales position and the interviewer asks you why you want the job, be sure to reply without hesitation ‘To make a lot of money!’” If you don’t, you have no business being there…

The second key point was (in a loud, confident voice) to “Always, yes always, show energy and enthusiasm.”

Dr. Tyler would sporadically call on students to test these two simple comments. The answers were expectantly recited with vigor. There was no slumping in this college class due to late night fraternity parties and co-ed distractions. As a matter of fact, by the end of the first class, there wasn’t a student enrolled who wasn’t attentive, engaged, smiling and ready to kick some major ass in the business world.

A Sales Success Predictor

Barry Farber in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Want the Sale? Bring the Energy,” references enthusiasm as “having the physical and mental energy to keep on going after many people would give up and go home. It’s how you move, how you approach another person, it’s in your handshake and how you stand and face the person.”

According to G.A. Bartlick in “Six Successful Tips in Creating Enthusiasm in Sales,” he accurately states “there is no better predictor of sales success than enthusiasm.” Think about it. Take three sales people; one has exceptional intelligence, the other works very hard, and the last is beaming with enthusiasm. Which one would you pick? Who would you buy from? Which one is likely to have more long-term success? What kind of a relationship would you expect from the person with enthusiasm? It’s true that energy and enthusiasm can simply make or break the sale.

Bartlick makes the notable distinction between enthusiasm and excitement, quite precisely. He says “Excitement is that heart palpitation you feel at the stadium after seeing a bottom-of-the-ninth walk off homerun. Enthusiasm is that inner drive you feel when you are driven to become a ball player. Enthusiasm is excitement supercharged with inspiration, motivation and determination.” He gores on, “Enthusiasm is powerful stuff. It can power you to success. It also powers the physical body. Enthusiastic salespeople have lower blood pressure and resting heart rates. They tend to be happier, healthier and feel more fulfilled. They also have more life energy and mojo. Fortunately, enthusiasm is contagious; it tends to rub off on people.”

Wow! Enthusiastic people live happier, healthier lives? They have more life energy and mojo? Cool stuff. Who wouldn’t want to be enthusiastic then? And, most importantly how do we get and then keep that mojo? Following is a summary of several of the tips I came across on the Internet:

  • Realize why you’re there and what ultimately is motivating you. Make your sales effort personal and come up with reasons for why you will and must achieve your goals. I have a picture of a Boston Whaler 285 Conquest (boat) taped to my computer monitor with the date 12/01/11 on it. It drives me to sell more each day. I really admire that boat and can’t wait to enjoy it with family and friends.
  • Know yourself, your business and your products and services. This will give you self-confidence and passion to combat any objections and keep the enthusiasm needle pinned. It’s fun to watch great sports athletes who are enthusiastic on the field. They know their positions and can make quick decisions based on experience and practice. Their self-confidence further supports their enthusiasm.
  • Fake it until you make it. Or, in other words, “think it and you’ll be it.” Think about the positives and how you’ll get there. Play it in your mind. Then, do it. Be that Olympic diver before who plays the dive out in their mind as they are standing on the platform. In Richard Branson’s book “Losing My Virginity” he tells a story of shopping for an island with a real estate agent. The only problem was that he was flat broke when he did it. Needless to say, his shopping experience led to a sweetheart real estate deal to buy the island he currently owns. Had he not been there or pictured himself owning his own island he wouldn’t have made it happen.
  • Take good care of yourself. Be healthy. You can’t be enthusiastic without the proper sleep, diet and overall health. And, this means mentally too! Keep your mind sharp with frequent stimulation.
  • Find your enthusiasm anchors. Whether it’s a song, a picture, or an encouraging video that gets you pumped, play it as you start your day or prior to going into a sales meeting to give you that extra turbo boost.
  • Make it a part of everything, consistently. From your handshake to your dress. From your message in your phone to your email suffix. Be sure enthusiasm is coming across in everything you do and is highly recognizable. Be consistent and people will remember you for it!

Richard Liew says, “Selling is simply a transfer of enthusiasm from salesperson to customer.” Enthusiasm can pay huge dividends in a sales environment. So, “GET OUT THERE AND MAKE A LOT OF FRIGGIN MONEY TODAY!”

About the Author

Angelo Biasi is General Manager of SMART Marketing Solutions, LLC, a leading full-service integrated marketing company in Naples, FL since 2001. He has helped create and execute marketing plans and integrated marketing solutions for companies such as Playtex, Bic, Rogaine, Tauck, and over 35 colleges and universities, to name a few. Angelo has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Connecticut and teaches Marketing at New York University where he has for over five years. For more information or to learn more, email him at abiasiatsmartmarketingllcdotcom  (abiasiatsmartmarketingllcdotcom)  , visit www.smartmarketingllc.com or call 239.963.9396.



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