How to Find YOUR USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Developing a Unique Selling Proposition is not easy. To start, think about a new prospective customer that you’d like to attract to your business for the first time and see if you can answer the following question:


“Why should I choose your business/product/service

versus any/every other competitive option available to me?”


Maybe you offer more value than the competition in the form of comprehensive solutions vs. a product or an extraordinary experience vs. a service.   


Or, perhaps you’ve sold more than any of your competitors could ever dream of. Try competing with “Over 30 Billion Served.”


Could it be that your reputation, client roster and history of doing business are unmatched? If you have great customers, be proud of it. Promote it. If they purchased from you and only buy from you, that’s something that the competition does not have and cannot claim. Or, maybe you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing longer than any of your competition which is highly valuable to certain customers.


Do you (or your employees) have awards and/or designations that put you and your business in an exclusive category above your competition? Nothing says uniqueness quite like an award or designation that illustrates you as the “best in your business.”


Lastly, is your product or service truly “remarkable”? And, are you committed to this? Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group, proactively creates uniqueness in every product and service, so much so that it’s part of their culture:

new product or service that Virgin group offers must:

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