Implementing Word of Mouth Marketing

Stimulating Word of Mouth Marketing

So how does one plan for and promote Word-of-Mouth Marketing? One way is to simply ask your customers for referrals:

  • Display referral lists in reception areas upon check-in.
  • In addition to asking customers to line a fishbowl with business cards, why not ask them to to add a customer referral or two on the back?
  • Conduct referral promotions by sending coupons, discounts or certificates that customers can give as gifts to friends and family.
  • Host referral events where customers are encouraged to bring colleagues.
  • Be sure to always, yes, always, thank your referring customers!!!

WOMM as a Part of your Corporate Culture

Once you’ve successfully identified your most loyal customers, sharpened your referring message and stimulated WOMM among your business evangelists, it’s important that you make it key to your marketing mix and a part of your business culture. Plaster testimonials on your website and in collateral materials. Ask most loyal customers if new customers can contact them. Start a referral list. Consider testimonials as your next advertising campaign. Remember your best customers are unique to you and your business, and, “there is no better new customer than a referral from a happy customer.”

Now I’m off to Kinkos in Neopolitan Plaza to pick up my materials for tomorrow’s presentation in Atlanta. They are always so fast and friendly there. And, you can’t beat the fact that they are open 24 hours. Oh geez, I did it again…

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