Making Your USP a Part of the Corporate Culture

There was a popular consumer electronics store in the Northeast called “Nobody Beats the Wiz”. Although it was commonly referred to as “The Wiz”, I was always impressed by the fact that they went so far as to include their Unique Selling Proposition in their brand, logo, and every time they promoted their store. The fact that they would not allow the competition to beat their prices (none of them; nobody), a bold yet risky statement, that they decided to include that as part of their brand showed their belief in and commitment to their USP.


When you find your Unique Selling Proposition, be sure to promote it. Make it a part of your corporate culture. Tattoo it on every collateral piece, how each employee answers the phone, even after each time you recite your brand name. The more you say it and see it, the more you will believe it. And, the more your customers will believe it, the more they will share and refer you to others.  


The Best USP is a Sustainable USP

So you’ve developed your USP and you’ve figured out how to translate it into your brand and corporate culture. But is it sustainable?  Or, can it be replicated by your competition and/or new market players?


The difference between a good USP and a great USP is a defendable USP. After all, it’s supposed to be unique, right?


“So, stick to a great USP and the rest don’t mean ____”

“But what is a great USP for my business?” you ask.

(smileing) “That’s what *you* have to find out.”  

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