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The ROI Treasures of Email Marketing

The Treasure Hunt As a self-proclaimed pioneer of the once, and to a degree still “killer app” (short for killer online application) email marketing around the turn of the New Millennium, I’d often times describe successful email marketing to clients … Continue reading

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How To Optimize Your Website from a Marketing Perspective

First – It’s All About You! What do you want to accomplish with your website? Sounds simple enough, right? Not always… Having a keen understanding of your company’s business objectives — the company’s mission as well as its short-and long-term goals … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Website Your Most Vital Marketing Weapon

The Worldwide Marketing Tool Since the conception of the Internet well over ten years ago, having a website has become an imperative for today’s business owners. Given this proliferation of easy information access, competition for your customer’s time, attention and … Continue reading

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Making Print Advertising Work for You

  A customer experience should be emotional, encompassing and holistic. Marketing the customer experience so that it lifts beyond a print page can have significant impact if executed properly. In Tom Peter’s book Re-Imagine he describes an ‘experience’ as “an … Continue reading

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The Value of Print Advertising

What makes print and print advertising so different and powerful in value? For one, it’s the reader’s mindset. From the turn of the first page right on to the point of putting that piece down, a reader has chosen that … Continue reading

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How to Quickly Develop a Marketing Plan — Marketing Planning for the Busy Manager

    1. Define Your Company Background: Solicit trade publications or the Chamber of Commerce for some ‘general’ information on the size of your market and key market segments for your product or service. Is there a clear need? Is … Continue reading

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Marketing Planning – An Introduction

  A marketing plan is a working document and should change regularly along with your business –          Always, yes, always, commit your plan to paper so you have a record of it, can refer to it often and can generate … Continue reading

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Measuring Your CRM


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Pass Along Value and Not Costs…

It’s important to keep in mind that, during a recession, customers do not go away. They simply just become more conservative. Their decision to purchase is more critical and well thought out. Keeping your existing customers by renovating your perceived … Continue reading

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Safeguarding Your Business against a Recession with Improved Customer Relationship Management

In my last Business Currents article, iMarketing During a RecessionOe Smart Marketers Ride the Wavei, I shared the unique and inevitably current opportunity for smart marketers to sustain or gain market share and revenues during an economic recession. Itis true … Continue reading

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