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5 Mktg Action Items to Impact Your Business NOW

The clock neared midnight, the ball started its descent, and as quickly as I could count down from ten, another year (and another glass of bubbly) had, just like that… fizzled out. But before I could lose myself to memories … Continue reading

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The Power of “Thank You” for Customer Retention

I recently received a personal phone call from a Wachovia bank representative. In her voicemail message she said she was calling me to simply “thank me” for my business. She assured me that if I had any immediate needs to … Continue reading

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SMART Marketers Call on Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is here and lighting up our phones and PDAs in record numbers. As a matter of fact, new mobile ad spending projections seem to appear (and increase) every day. Strategy Analytics predicts that advertisers worldwide will spend $2.4B … Continue reading

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The Pitfall of Passing on Costs to your Customers

I mentioned in my recent post “Marketing in a Recession: SMART Marketers Ride the Wave,” that it’s not advised to pass along your costs to your customers during these economically shifting times. I cited a local example of my landscaper raising … Continue reading

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How to Quickly Develop a Marketing Plan — Marketing Planning for the Busy Manager

    1. Define Your Company Background: Solicit trade publications or the Chamber of Commerce for some ‘general’ information on the size of your market and key market segments for your product or service. Is there a clear need? Is … Continue reading

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Marketing Planning – An Introduction

  A marketing plan is a working document and should change regularly along with your business –          Always, yes, always, commit your plan to paper so you have a record of it, can refer to it often and can generate … Continue reading

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Measuring Your CRM


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Pass Along Value and Not Costs…

It’s important to keep in mind that, during a recession, customers do not go away. They simply just become more conservative. Their decision to purchase is more critical and well thought out. Keeping your existing customers by renovating your perceived … Continue reading

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Safeguarding Your Business against a Recession with Improved Customer Relationship Management

In my last Business Currents article, iMarketing During a RecessionOe Smart Marketers Ride the Wavei, I shared the unique and inevitably current opportunity for smart marketers to sustain or gain market share and revenues during an economic recession. Itis true … Continue reading

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