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Voicemail Messages & Greetings That Get Response

“Ca… uh… all… me at…” (what did he just say?) Voicemail is an important part of any business. Let’s face it, speaking with someone over the phone allows a more immediate response solicitation than most other forms of communication such … Continue reading

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Successful Business Communications Etiquette

The Value of Business Communications Etiquette The ways we communicate in a business setting have changed dramatically in the past several years and are constantly evolving. Today, we communicate faster, more often and across several different channels each moment of … Continue reading

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3 Best-in-class Mobile Marketing Tools for SMBs

Why Mobile Marketing? One of best and only ways to reach your customers and key stakeholders where and when they are 24/7 is via their mobile devices. Mobile phones and tablets have quickly become our primary source of information, entertainment, … Continue reading

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Successful Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing – What is It? In marketing it’s understood that if you claim your market to be everyone for a specific product or service, it will likely result in no one purchasing. In other words, the more targeted your … Continue reading

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