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Print Marketing Collateral That Works

Print is Still Effective Your customers are a tactile group. No matter what the business, product or service, print literature, or collateral, will play an important role in creating, sustaining and/or growing a profitable relationship with them. Beyond a personal … Continue reading

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Get More Sales with a Great Headline

The Unfair Advantage of a Great Headline I was leafing through a Volvo XC90 (we own one of these amazing cars and are considering buying another some day) brochure recently when I came across a page with the headline “Proud … Continue reading

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Balancing Your Marketing Mix

Lions and Tigers and Bears Clients often ask us what media tactic(s) are best suited for their business? With today’s wide variety of marketing and media, and people of all ilks living and breathing on more than one media source, … Continue reading

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Direct Mail Marries Mobile Mktg–USPS Sparks New Opps for SMART Marketers

The USPS Embraces Mobile Marketing (“this is not a typo”) In case you wondering about the value and sustainability of mobile marketing and/or QR codes to support your current marketing efforts…as you may be aware, on May 17, 2011, the … Continue reading

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Read This Now and Earn a Chance at Early Retirement! Calls to Action That Work!

Call-to-Action, Defined So, you’ve established that you have something of value to offer and you’ve proven your product is the perfect choice, compared to the alternatives, for your prospect customer. How do you take your prospect on to the next … Continue reading

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Pushing the Envelope–Getting More from Your Direct Mail Efforts

“They Got Me”—Direct Mail That Works! I get bombarded with direct mail. We all get bombarded with direct mail. The reason is simple—it works! Still. Whether it is catalogs from retailers, postcards from real estate professionals, Val-Paks and other solicitations, … Continue reading

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