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The Value of Excellent Service

What is Excellent Service? There’s a certain value to service. It’s safe to say that ‘some’ form service is usually expected from any business. You may promise service to your customers and even go so far as to say it’s … Continue reading

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Social Media Etiquette and Its Impact on Your Business

Indecent Exposure A friend recently broadcasted my political affiliation in a blog post. His intentions were benign and innocent, yet it offended me for several reasons. For one, my beliefs, including my political opinions, are my own personal information; private … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Google+ for SMBs

Google+ Just when you finally thought you had grasped the value and function of Facebook and perhaps some other social media platforms for your business (i.e. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter), as well as the benefits and results they provide (or don’t … Continue reading

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The New, New Year

A Different New Year’s Hangover With each passing year, the time and date of “12:01AM, January 1,” brings with it a new year, complete with new expectations, deliverables and benchmarks to stack up. Consummate business professionals, owners and entrepreneurs realize … Continue reading

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Marketing Your Reputation via Social Media

Your Reputation – Your Everything Your reputation in business is crucially important. A good reputation takes time, consistency and several data points of satisfied customers, acknowledging their positive experience with you, your product or service. It sets the standard for … Continue reading

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Success Metrics for Business

Success, Defined In the GoToU article “Success in Business,” we informally define ‘success in business’ a few different: Starting, owning and/or doing a job that you love, Working independently with work/life balance and making a living at it, Making lots … Continue reading

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The Value of Time & Efficiencies

Space (and Time) Mountain This past weekend I vacationed in Disney World Orlando and Universal Studios to celebrate my twins’ (and my own) birthday. We were equally excited, and not disappointed, by the rides and attractions at each of the … Continue reading

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A Business, Definition

A Business, Defined As a marketing and business development consultant and entrepreneur myself, I deal with a lot of small businesses, start-ups and fellow entrepreneurs. In doing so most recently, I’ve learned a few lessons that should have been more … Continue reading

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Customer Service – Refresher

Huhh? What has happened with customer service these days? I understand the slow turn up of the economic recession has led nearly all companies to do more with less and get used to that, but service has been so greatly … Continue reading

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Optimizing Tradeshow Participation

A True Exhibition (of Marketing & Sales) As a marketing and sales representative for several clients as well as my own businesses, I find myself attending and/or exhibiting at several tradeshows or conferences throughout the year. The events that I … Continue reading

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