Make Branding Work

There’s so much in a business name,… in a logo,… in a tagline…  Your brand says more to your customers and sets the tone more than you might think. In our world of quick-to-start companies, websites and “doing-business-as'”, I come across many brands that are generic, boring, and get lost in the clutter of competitive companies, offers and solutions.  

Does your brand work for you and your customers? Does it say what you mean and mean what you say? In other words, does your brand clearly illustrate and communicate your promise to your customers? Does it competitively position you? Does it point to your Unique Selling Proposition? Is it outstanding, recognizeable, and/or unique in your industry?

Here are a few tips to consider when developing and improved brand:

1. Company name: your company name, in most cases, will be your first impression with new customers. Does your name say who you are/what you do? Or is it totally unique and different? Consider a name that is timeless with how your business will grow and evolve.

2. Consider a tagline: A tagline that points to your USP and positions you vs. the competition can do wonders. Remember, you don’t have to carry the tagline with your brand forever. I’ve had clients where we recommended to include the tagline with their logo for the first several years of business introduction and then have it fade away from the logo as it became more established and recognized among the industry.

3. Use color effectively: There’s no mistaking when we think of Home Depot orange, or UPS brown, for example. Consider a color palette that will stand out and get noticed yet will still satisfy the tone/manner for your company and industry.

4. Be simple yet be outstanding: good brands and logos are those that can be easily seen, recognized and can quickly evoke an emotion. Logos that are reversible in  B/W and color, recognizeable, easily embroidered (our own simple test) and look good on a website, letterhead, billboard, etc. are good ways to see if your brand has that something special.

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