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SMART Marketers Call on Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is here and lighting up our phones and PDAs in record numbers. As a matter of fact, new mobile ad spending projections seem to appear (and increase) every day. Strategy Analytics predicts that advertisers worldwide will spend $2.4B … Continue reading

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The Pitfall of Passing on Costs to your Customers

I mentioned in my recent post “Marketing in a Recession: SMART Marketers Ride the Wave,” that it’s not advised to pass along your costs to your customers during these economically shifting times. I cited a local example of my landscaper raising … Continue reading

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Kenyan Elephants Use Mobile Marketing…

I had to take a step back when I saw this headline in my excite page: “Kenya’s Elephants Send Text Messages to Rangers” — Yes, it’s true that mobile phone cards inserted in elephants in Kenya, who have been known … Continue reading

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Recession Proof Your Biz — Using Customer Surveys

With the economic shift continuing to, ah,… ‘shift’ even more, it’s becoming increasingly important how effectively and efficiently you allocate resources to support ongoing business and business growth. Are you focusing your efforts on products/services that are most profitable and in highest … Continue reading

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Proactively Satisfying Customers

I recently stayed at the Marriott Eaton Center hotel in downtown Toronto for a client business meeting. When I made the reservation, the reservationist promised concierge level service and a room with a king-sized bed. Furthermore, she thanked me for … Continue reading

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Acquisition/Retention/Referral tactic that can quickly grow your customer list

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary with dinner and a movie (Tropic Thunder — go see it! Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. are surprisingly hilarious in this flick). Our dinner plans included a fantastic, high-end, seafood … Continue reading

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Don’t know what your customers want? Just ask!

In these shifting economic conditions, there’s no better time than now to take a reading of what your customers. Several good things could come out of a basic customer survey such as: identifying new opportunities in products or services that … Continue reading

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Make Branding Work

There’s so much in a business name,… in a logo,… in a tagline…  Your brand says more to your customers and sets the tone more than you might think. In our world of quick-to-start companies, websites and “doing-business-as’”, I come across many … Continue reading

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Implementing Word of Mouth Marketing

Stimulating Word of Mouth Marketing So how does one plan for and promote Word-of-Mouth Marketing? One way is to simply ask your customers for referrals: Display referral lists in reception areas upon check-in. In addition to asking customers to line a … Continue reading

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Increasing Customer Loyalty with Email Marketing

Successful direct marketing is mostly about “information” and “dialog”. Certainly the best audience to use and maintain both of these is your existing customer base. And, there’s no better format than email marketing to do this. The reasons are pretty … Continue reading

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