How to Make Your Website Your Most Vital Marketing Weapon

The Worldwide Marketing Tool

Since the conception of the Internet well over ten years ago, having a website has become an imperative for today’s business owners. Given this proliferation of easy information access, competition for your customer’s time, attention and response online has grown increasingly difficult. The ability to achieve and sustain marketing success with your website, or online mojo as I like to call it, has been considered a coveted secret.

How can I efficiently drive more qualified traffic to my website? What’s the best way to inform new and existing customers online about my business? How can I generate more sales and sales leads from my website? How can I improve the user’s experience? How can I keep customers coming back? – are just some of the questions that my marketing agency is often asked when tasked with a new website design project. Many are looking for a quick fix whereas others seek to integrate their website as the vital marketing tool that it is to support their business.

Short of executing a full blown analysis and review with specific strategic and tactical recommendations (a service SMART Marketing Solutions offers to clients) to quickly evaluate your existing site, it’s best to start with the following four questions:

1. What do you want to accomplish with your website?

2. What do your customers want or expect to receive from a visit to your website?

3. What do your customers respond to?

4. How can you most efficiently accomplish your objectives and satisfy your customer’s needs/expectations within the same experience?

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