Implementing Social Media Marketing

David Skul of Relativity Business Technology Solutions (searchable on YouTube with headline “5 Tips to help you Succeed at Web 2.0 Marketing”

  • Learn how social marketing works and how it can benefit your website and campaigns. Know the rules, understand the demographics, study how to track response, etc.
  • Take time to develop a marketing campaign. It’s important that you think of this logically before you engage in this form of marketing.
  • Join in on the conversation. Go to other similar social networking sites. See how they are doing it. Become involved from a customer’s perspective.
  • Be outstandingImplementing SMM

    Consider making Web 2.0 and SMM an important part of your integrated marketing mix. Leveraging content across various forms of traditional and contemporary methods and media to new and existing customers could be that marketing sweep your business has been waiting for. Imagine if Stu not only promoted his “secret recipe” on Tuesdays via YouTube and a blog, but included that themed content in his print ad in the local paper and email newsletter going out to existing customers?

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